The South Texas metro area is often referred as The Rio Grande Valley, RGV or Valley, is composed of many neighboring cities that work together, including border towns in Mexico, this unity makes a strong impact in the industry, generate more jobs, and economic growth. 

Rio Grande Valley

Neighboring cities such as Mcallen, Mission, Edinburg Pharr, Weslaco, Harlingen, and South Padre, to name a few, make up the Rio Grande Valley Metro Area.  Reynosa, Rio Bravo, Nuevo Progresso,  and Matamoros are some of the border towns that help the RGV economy.
This Unity makes South Texas a Great Place to Invest, Buy, and Lease Real Estate, the economy is increasing, more jobs have been generated, and the Industry is changing in many ways. 
For example, a stable outlook for Mexico and greater maquiladora activity (factories or fabrication plants) should spur further growth in business services sectors tied to these industries, causing a surge of industrial development along the border.
While international bridges have allowed Mexican nationals to shop, sell and do business in the border cities.  Continued progress on Mexico's recent energy reform will spur more growth and investment in the area.
Also, a young, growing population in the area will continue to provide a deep labor pool for strong job growth in the region.

The creation of the UT Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine will provide an avenue for growth in higher-skilled health care positions.
It's safe to say the RGV is going Places... 


As recently as 2019, McAllen was one of the fastest growing cities

proving that it was not subject to volatile markets shifts like the rest of the country.  

McAllen still boast a growing economy. The McAllen Real Estate market is perhaps one of primary beneficiaries of this strengthening economy, it has a bright future for investment and development.

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